About POST

POST Canoe Club is an organization of boaters who paddle Northern California Rivers (mostly) in canoes but also in any craft that can be human powered on moving water. We have a schedule of trips that will be shared as soon as I figure out how to post a pdf on this blog.  Most of our trips are two day car camping trips but we have been known to wander far and wide and take as much as two weeks to cover rivers in Montana, Wyoming and Utah. We have a shared commissary and some boating equipment that we can share with new boaters on POST trips.Any questions?

Trip reports for 2011 and early 2012 can be found at kithewitt.wordpress.com

The rest are appearing here as they are made.


9 Responses to About POST

  1. Toby says:

    Where can I rent canoes in Northern California? I’m trying to organize a Boy Scout Troop canoe trip, but can’t find canoe rentals anywhere. There are lots of kayaks to rent, but we are looking for traditional canoes. We would need to rent about 8 canoes with a trailer.

  2. Hans Bogdanos says:

    I last paddled with POST about 15 years ago.There was someone named Winnie and a fellow who lived up off of Keller ave. in Oakland who was the ultimte guru and housed a lot of boats before he passed away and Don took over
    I am looking to hook up with you folks again but I can’t find much on the Internet. Is there someone I could talk to, to get some info?

    • Hans, Thank you for your interest. Take a look at the 2017 schedule of trips to see if there is anything interesting and contact the trip leader and/or Kit. All the addresses you need will be there. Also read some of the trip reports to see what the trips are like.

  3. Christine Broniak says:

    Hey guys, I am a kayaker/rafter from Oregon. I was just on the lookout for my drysuit that was stolen on September 5th or 6th at the put in for the Dragon’s Tooth run of the Klamath River. It is a Kokatat Meridian Drysuit, Mango, Women’s Large, with a drop seat. Is there a listserv or similar to share the information to make sure it isn’t sold locally? I am keeping a close eye on Craigslist, but wanted to get word out to the local community as much as possible.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Joan, The scouts definitely makes it Turlock. They often show up there inteh fall when we are there. Wake us with reveille sometimes. Campground is covered with grape vine and horse chestnut. The river can be very shallow in places. But the scouts only show up there.

  5. Jean Doak says:

    Thank you, Anon.
    Turlock Lake SRA camp name does not ring a bell. The camp may have been owned by boy scouts? A scout group showed up to camp whilst we were there. I just recall that during the trip there was a long section where the water was too shallow for the salmon to be actually covered by water.

  6. Jean Doak says:

    I joined a Post canoe trip 10 years ago, more or less. We camped at a beautiful park down at the river, Stanislaus?. To reach it I drove east from Oakland thru Manteca and another hour to the park. It was wooded, there were wild grapes all around, a natural spring. I want to go to that same park tomorrow. What is it’s name?

  7. Barb Hartford & Jim Strong says:

    Thanks, Kit, for setting up this site – we look forward to all the news and photos! Barb & Jim

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