#3 of Three Overdue Posts From the Fall (2014)

This is far out of date but there is useful info about Skunk Point so I thought I would send it out anyway…

Trinty River Labor Day 2014

by Robert Neff

Here are a couple of notes that give a flavor of the trip. We had a trip on Skunk Point to French Creek (class 2-) every day. A second trip on Hayden -> Cedar on Sunday, and 4 intrepid boaters (Jan, Jake,John, and Jobert) on Pigeon Point on Monday.

Driving shuttles was short! Jan told me she had 40 miles of shuttle mileage for the weekend!

Skunk Point was a nice campground for POST, especially since nobody else occupied the 2nd group camp there, and we could spread out. No water, but not far to water, and we know how to deal with that. There were worries about smoke, but air quality was excellent until Monday, when we could see some from the Klamath fires. Easy access from the camping area down to the water, and views of the night sky.

Water was very cold for swimming, but plentiful for boating, and the water quality was good with the high flows

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